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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Smashbox Art. Love. Color. Lips Set

Hello you beautiful beings!
I hope you all well. Today I wanted to talk about a purchase I made a couple of months back. I bought these amazing 5 Smashbox lipglosses. The colours are incredible, and they really keep my lips moisturized. You can create a dreamy, romantic daytime look and at night time you can transform into a sexy siren. The only down side I did have to reapply a couple of times.

The colours are super glossy and rich in pigment. I have used them all quite a bit. I wear them mostly during school runs and dinner dates.

Here I am wearing the Disco Rose. You guessed it, this is my favorite as I love my reddy tones.

So which one is your favorite? 

Till next time stay beautiful inside and out x

Thursday, 10 March 2016

These are a few of my favorite things x

Hello you beautiful beings,

I hope your all well and in good health. So today I wanted to be like Julie Andrews from the sound of music and have a little babble about a few of my favorite things.

The iconic Valentino Rockstuds need no introduction, they are stylish, showy and super sexy. I had these on my wishlist for a while and on my last birthday they became my babies. What I really love about these shoes is I can wear them for a night out or just for lunch. They suit all occasions and are now a staple part of my wardrobe. This is how I justify the price to myself lol.

I simply adore Instagram beloved beauty blogger Huda Beauty Lashes, I have Monique on in this picture. They just give an instant eye lift and I feel fabulous when I wear them. For more product details on this picture please visit my Instagram Babbling On . I was going to take a picture of the faux fur scarf from Zara, however my 5 year old daughter Mimi has hidden it. I can't locate it for love or for money and she is now fast asleep and no way am I waking her to ask her where my scarf is. So sorry I will post a pic as soon as I locate it.

I love Dior products, their packaging is always so striking and pleasing to the eye. I feel like a bee attracted to nectar, when I am in a department store and come across their beauty counter. This is their Dior Addict Fluid Stick in colour Open Me. This is a reddy colour, very bright and ultra hydrating. It glides on and I find it lasts a long time too.

Celestial Palette

This incredible eyeshadow palette is by Illamasqua. The colours are highly pigmented and have a lovely shimmer to them. I use this palette to do an evening smokey eye also use the lighter shades for during the day. I love the fact that it can fit into my bag and is versatile. 

I can not bring myself to use this, crazy but true. It is so pretty that I just sit and admire it. The colour combination on this is spot, when I do allow myself to use it I will let you know how I get on with it.

So now the hunt for my scarf will continue, if you where 5 years old, where would you hide your mummies scarf?

Which one of my favorite things do you like the most?

I have got to love you and leave you, stay beautiful inside and out till next time x

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Nars Steven Klein - Killer Heels Lipstick Coffret

Good Afternoon you beauts,

Today I am sharing a personal delight, a Nars Limited Edition lipstick coffret. The world renowned and iconic photographer Steven Klein and the exemplary Fran├žois Nars collaborated together to bring this incredible collection to us. 

The set comes with 5 mini lipsticks, which are the perfect size to transport with one. The colours are all divine in their own way, what I love there is a shade for whichever mood I am in. They are long lasting, moisturizing and are fragrance free. I found them quite comfortable to wear all day.

Little Darling - This is a very sheer nude, I have used this lipstick on several school runs. I do like this one a lot and I am not the greatest fans of nude colours.

Mayflower - This is a raspberry shade and has a shimmer to it which is nice. I haven't worn this more than once. Even though it is a amiable and pleasant colour. Just didn't have me going "wow".

Joyous Red - Now this lipstick is aptly named, I simply love it. It is a not too intense red, it is just right. I love it and wear it often.

Jungle Red - This is a statement red lipstick, it will suit absolutely everyone. It is a classic red and looks amazing. My favorite by far.

Fire Down Below - The name makes me snigger like a school girl, it is a very dark and intense red. This is perfect for nights out and will add the glamour factor in an instance.

So which one do you like? Till next time stay beautiful inside and out x

Friday, 4 March 2016

Beauty on a budget, foot mask for a pound!

Hello you beauties,

I am simply in love with this foot mask, my Mummy introduced me to this little bag of wizardry. You can purchase this from most Poundshops. Due to this really harsh and cold weather my skin all over has suffered, it is dry, flaky and cracked. My heels are particularly victim to this climate, so rescue heels has began.

So I wash my feet and then place the plastic bag that is enriched with macadamia oil. It is very healing, and is therefore great for dry and ageing skin. It is great to use since it is readily absorbed and helps to soften the skin. My feet have been hurting due to the dry and cracked condition, as soon as I place this on I get great relief.

Before the foot mask

After the foot mask

It makes a huge difference, my feet feel smooth and pain free. I highly recommend this and for a pound it is a steal.