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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

My Top Ten Holiday Makeup Gifts 2016

Hello you beauties,

So my back has gone again, I am on crutches and pretty immobile. I have been bed bound for the past few days. I have spent my time browsing online looking at holiday makeup. I get so excited about the festive season. My birthday is two days after Christmas so my wishlist gets very long. I have selected 10 items from my vast list, that I simply need to have in my life. Husband, family and friends take note wink wink.

1. Urban Decay - Full Spectrum

I am a huge fan of UD, I own most of their eye palettes. I am crushing on this palette as it has bright and bold colours. The palette has 21 shades and 18 are brand new shades. I can't wait to get my hand on it and play and slay. It will be launching 26th October Sephora.

Photo credit Trendmood

2. Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette

When the queen of social media announced she is launching an eyeshadow palette, I knew it would be some kinda wow. My prefered makeup style is bold, glamorous and in your face. This palette it is everything and more. It has 18 pans and I am in love with the metallic glitter effect ones. They will be announcing a launch date soon.

3. Tarte -  Tartesist Paint Palette Collectors Set

All I could say when I set eyes on this palette was "omg" it is perfection. Everything one needs to get ready in a single palette. I will be ordering this direct from America, in the very near future.I believe it is so pretty to look at and is great value for money. The shades are so nuetral that it will be loved by the young and the old alike.

4. Benefit - Girl A Rama

I adore Benefit and am forever singing their praises. The holiday line up this year is so chic and quirky. I want to buy the whole range as I love the packaging. This gorgeous kit is packed full of Benefit goodies. Another gift that the majority will be happy to recieve if not, I will be more than happy to take them off their hands.

5. NYX - Lipstick Vault

This gorgeous lipstick vault has sold out, I stalk their site all day like a bunny boiler, just incase they come back into stock. I mean wow so many colours, such good value for money and to me this is makeup porn at it's best. I need this so bad. Please do contact me if you see it back in stock, I don't care what I am doing, I will stop and shop for this baby.

6. Kat Von D - Everlasting Obsession Lip Clutch

I love Kat Von D as a person and as brand. Her lip products are amazing and to have 13 full size tubes in a beautiful clutch is pure genius. This is a bit pricey, so as much as I want to have this in my life, I still do not know if I will purchase it. For the amount of products you get it is not a bad price at all, this me convincing myself that I am in fact saving money lol. Great present and I for one would squeal for delight if I found this under my Christmas tree.

7. Dior - Holiday 2016

All hail Dior, I am never disappointed when it come to Dior Makeup. They always know how to hit the makeup g spot. Just look at this all in one palette and admit it is pure perfection. I eagerly await the collection and will be running around when it launches swatching in stores and have a good play with it all.

8. Too Faced - The Chocolate Shop

Like seriously how cute is this packaging? I want this purely for display purposes, also for the amazing array of eye shadow shades 21 in total. Blusher, bronzer, highlighter, lipgloss and a mascacra! Wow, again a go to palette for the whole face. I want this so bad too.

9. Burberry - Holiday makeup sets

Now this offering from Burberry is simply divine, I can't see any flaws at all. It is stunningly packaged and is a gift that will make you very popular if you gift it, especially to me lol. I love how the whole package gives off a festive feel. I seriously would be a happy bunny with any of the holiday Burberry sets.

10. The Balm EU - Holiday 2016

I was sent the holiday 2016 collection, and beauties I loved it. The highlighters are my fav by far. I know I go on about packaging so much, I love how The Balm EU do it, I love their name choices, very tongue in cheek and the vintage style gets me each time. Even if I am having a bad day, I pick up their product and read the name, never fails to make me smile. The lip collection is great value for money and the eyeshadow palette is a everyday go to palette. So if you want to make someone smile daily buy them this set.

So beauties, which ones would you put on your list? Do you have any favs you want to share I would love to hear from you.

Till next time, stay beautiful inside and out.

p.s. I am on some pretty strong medication at the moment, so apoligies in advance for spelling and grammar.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

12 Beauty Advent Calenders 2016

Hello Beauties,

I hope you are all well. So I am going to talk about beauty advent calenders, I love chocloate as much as the next person. However to wake up each day during the festive season to a little makeup treat sounds divine. These beauty calenders are very popular and some sell out immediatly, so make sure you sign up to the waiting lists or pre order if you can. So on here I have hand picked 12, I have ensured they are suited to all budgets. Beauties, if you find a better price, please do let me know, thank you in advance.

Kiss Cosmetic Calender

Price - £5
Available from - Now
Purchase from - Wilko
Contains - 1x0.5 gold pencil, 1x 0.5 black pencil, 1x0.5 lip pencil,2 piece toe separator set ,1x bronze/ blush brush, 1x3g bronzer, 1x3.5g blusher, 1xpencil sharpener, 1xnail sticker, 1x nail stencils, 4x1.5ml nail varnish,1x2g mini eye palette, 1xsponge applicator, 1x nail jewels, 2 piece cuticle stick, 1x2.8ml mini mascara, 3x7ml mini lip glosses, 2x emery board. 

Flutter Beauty Calender

Price - £8
Available from - Now
Purchase from - Superdrug
Contains - 8 x Eye Shadows, 4 x Lip Glosses, 4 x Lip Balms, 4 x Eye Applicators , 4 x Lip Applicators.

Technic Cube Beauty Advent Calendar

Price - £10
Available from - Now
Purchase from - Superdrug
Contains - This compact cube is filled with 24 cosmetic goodies

Dirty works Advent Calender

Price - £10
Availible from - November
Purchase from -Sainsbury
Contians - 24 goodies

W7 24 Cosmetic Treats, Countdown To Christmas Advent Calendar

W7 24 Cosmetic Treats, Countdown To Christmas Advent Calendar

Price - £18.96
Availible from - Now
Purchase from - Amazon
Contains - 10 x W7 Nail Polish, 3 x W7 Lip gloss, 1 x W7 Foundation, 1 x W7 Mascara, 3 x W7 Mini Lipstick, 3 x W7 Glitter pot, 3 x W7 Eye shadow

Benefit 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calender

Price - £34.50
Availible from - 14/10/2016
Purchase from - Benefits
Contains - the POREfessional mini, they’re real! mascara mini, benetint mini , posietint mini, they’re real! remover mini, it’s potent! eye cream mini, lollibalm mini, hoola mini, dandelion mini, BADgal lash mini, highbeam mini, lollitint mini

M&S Advent Calender

Price - £35.00
Availible from - 10/11/2016
Purchase from - Marks and Spencer
Contains - 24 products from Neals Yard hand cream to Ren day cream, this is a mega wow!

No 7 Beauty Calender

Price - £39.00
Availible from - TBC sign up to get notified on the Boots website
Purchase from - Boots
Contains - Goodies worth £151.95 wow! 

Asos Advent Calender

Price - £50.00
Availible from - Now
Purchase from - Asos
Contains - 24 goodies from skin care to make up.

Look Fantastic Beauty Secret 2

Price - £70.00
Availible from - 1/11/16 Pre order now to avoid disappointment
Purchase from - Look Fantasic
Contains - Over £300 of beauty products, this sold out very quickly last year and was a massive hit with all.

Clarins Advent Calender

Price - £95.00
Availible from - October
Purchase from - Clarins
Contains - 24 delightful skin care and beauty products

Charlotte’s World of Legendary Parties Advent Calendar.

Price - £150
Availible from - October
Purchase from - Charlotte Tilbury
Contains - Some full and mini size products, if you love high end makeup this is hands down the best Advent Calendar in my humble opinion. 

So what do you think? I love all of them and if I could I would purchase every single one. I hope you liked my little list.

If you had to choose one calender from above which one and why?

Till next time stay beautiful inside and out,

Babbling On x

Monday, 5 September 2016

Mask Monday

Hello you beauties,

I hope you have all had an amazing summer, it went way to fast for my liking. Mimi is back at school and I am back to work.
So I was having a chat with my cousin Aysha and we were discussing face masks. We came to the conclusion with the best of intentions we never really get round to doing them as often as we would like. I have quite a few masks at home as does Aysha, so we agreed that every Monday we will apply a face mask. As we are doing it together at our own homes we decided to take selfies to prove that we have indeed done it. I would love for you all to join in on Mask Monday, think of the incredible skin we will all have. Just taking around half an hour each Monday for some me time. It may be the start of the working week, but hey what a gorgeous way to start it. When you feel good, everything feels better.

On Mondays I will share a DIY facemask, today the mask is for dry skin.

Over on Instagram is a little video showing  how to make this mask.

Video link for Dry skin mask

Oats, honey and yogurt mask

I love this mask as most of us will have these ingrediants already in kitchen cupboard.

One tablespoon of oat bran or oats
One tablespoon of honey
One tablespoon of yogurt
One teaspoon of olive oil

Place all the ingrediants in a bowl and stir well. Apply to a cleansed face, and leave it on till it is dry, normally takes around ten minutes. Wash your face using circular motions as the oats will now act as an exfoliant. Dry and apply a good moisturiser or better argan oil if you have it. With the oil heat up in your hand and pat it on. You can store the rest of the mask in a sealed container in the fridge for around a week.

The benefits of this mask
Oats behave like a natural exfoliant, thats why ensure to use circular motions when rinising. This will help get rid of any dry and dead skin. It will unclog pores and aid in less breakouts. Your skin will look brighter and more radient. Many of us have probarly used oats in bath when our children get chicken pox, it helps soothes the skin. So all in all a winning ingrediant.

Honey is a fantastic moisturiser, it will helps skin stay hydrated. If you suffer from dry skin you will know how important this.

Yogurt contains lactic acid, this makes the skin super soft and for dry skin that is just what is needed.

Olive Oil tops this mask by adding more moisturise to the skin.

It feels so good when you apply it, really cool and soothing. The skin feels so hydrated and smooth after.

I would love to hear from you, if you use this mask and how you get on with it.

If you do not wish to do a DIY mask, you can buy them. So many places now stock and sell masks, from the pound shop to large department stores. Supermarkets also stock them so you can pop one in the trolley next time you are out shopping. I have masks from all of the above retailers, budget friendly and omg I have blown my budget. I have also purchasaed masks online. I will be doing reviews on my masks. So here they are, have you used any of them?

So you beauties, are you up for Mask Monday? I would love to see your selfies and the best one will win a mask. So what are you waiting for? Go get masking and get ready for fabulous skin. 

Till next time my beauties, stay beautiful inside and out x