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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

My Top Ten Holiday Makeup Gifts 2016

Hello you beauties,

So my back has gone again, I am on crutches and pretty immobile. I have been bed bound for the past few days. I have spent my time browsing online looking at holiday makeup. I get so excited about the festive season. My birthday is two days after Christmas so my wishlist gets very long. I have selected 10 items from my vast list, that I simply need to have in my life. Husband, family and friends take note wink wink.

1. Urban Decay - Full Spectrum

I am a huge fan of UD, I own most of their eye palettes. I am crushing on this palette as it has bright and bold colours. The palette has 21 shades and 18 are brand new shades. I can't wait to get my hand on it and play and slay. It will be launching 26th October Sephora.

Photo credit Trendmood

2. Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette

When the queen of social media announced she is launching an eyeshadow palette, I knew it would be some kinda wow. My prefered makeup style is bold, glamorous and in your face. This palette it is everything and more. It has 18 pans and I am in love with the metallic glitter effect ones. They will be announcing a launch date soon.

3. Tarte -  Tartesist Paint Palette Collectors Set

All I could say when I set eyes on this palette was "omg" it is perfection. Everything one needs to get ready in a single palette. I will be ordering this direct from America, in the very near future.I believe it is so pretty to look at and is great value for money. The shades are so nuetral that it will be loved by the young and the old alike.

4. Benefit - Girl A Rama

I adore Benefit and am forever singing their praises. The holiday line up this year is so chic and quirky. I want to buy the whole range as I love the packaging. This gorgeous kit is packed full of Benefit goodies. Another gift that the majority will be happy to recieve if not, I will be more than happy to take them off their hands.

5. NYX - Lipstick Vault

This gorgeous lipstick vault has sold out, I stalk their site all day like a bunny boiler, just incase they come back into stock. I mean wow so many colours, such good value for money and to me this is makeup porn at it's best. I need this so bad. Please do contact me if you see it back in stock, I don't care what I am doing, I will stop and shop for this baby.

6. Kat Von D - Everlasting Obsession Lip Clutch

I love Kat Von D as a person and as brand. Her lip products are amazing and to have 13 full size tubes in a beautiful clutch is pure genius. This is a bit pricey, so as much as I want to have this in my life, I still do not know if I will purchase it. For the amount of products you get it is not a bad price at all, this me convincing myself that I am in fact saving money lol. Great present and I for one would squeal for delight if I found this under my Christmas tree.

7. Dior - Holiday 2016

All hail Dior, I am never disappointed when it come to Dior Makeup. They always know how to hit the makeup g spot. Just look at this all in one palette and admit it is pure perfection. I eagerly await the collection and will be running around when it launches swatching in stores and have a good play with it all.

8. Too Faced - The Chocolate Shop

Like seriously how cute is this packaging? I want this purely for display purposes, also for the amazing array of eye shadow shades 21 in total. Blusher, bronzer, highlighter, lipgloss and a mascacra! Wow, again a go to palette for the whole face. I want this so bad too.

9. Burberry - Holiday makeup sets

Now this offering from Burberry is simply divine, I can't see any flaws at all. It is stunningly packaged and is a gift that will make you very popular if you gift it, especially to me lol. I love how the whole package gives off a festive feel. I seriously would be a happy bunny with any of the holiday Burberry sets.

10. The Balm EU - Holiday 2016

I was sent the holiday 2016 collection, and beauties I loved it. The highlighters are my fav by far. I know I go on about packaging so much, I love how The Balm EU do it, I love their name choices, very tongue in cheek and the vintage style gets me each time. Even if I am having a bad day, I pick up their product and read the name, never fails to make me smile. The lip collection is great value for money and the eyeshadow palette is a everyday go to palette. So if you want to make someone smile daily buy them this set.

So beauties, which ones would you put on your list? Do you have any favs you want to share I would love to hear from you.

Till next time, stay beautiful inside and out.

p.s. I am on some pretty strong medication at the moment, so apoligies in advance for spelling and grammar.


  1. Beautiful selection! I want it too! xox
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  2. Shabana @medora_wholesale28 September 2016 at 23:52

    Love your reviews!! Wow you're such a good blogger!! And a great choice of makeup too huni xx p.s I would add Midas Touch highlighter to my list from Sarazaar Cosmetics xxx Shabana from @medora_wholesale x

  3. Thank you so much Shabana for the kind words, you are making me blush.
    I love the Midas Touch highlighter and would love to own a few.
    I am also adding your lipsticks to my never lists! Their pigments are divine!

  4. Shabana @medora_wholesale29 September 2016 at 10:16

    Your sooo kind huni...thank you!!! Xxxx

  5. I hope u feel better soon. Thats a load of makeup. But am sure its less for women like us . Great choices btw.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  6. Oh god, now I want all of these... Last Christmas my mom bought me the UD Vice 4 palette, and this new one looks so appealing! Everything does, really... I want it all :D x


  7. I really like that set from Benefit and palette from Urban Decay, which btw has terrific shades, especially I love those metallic ones :)


  8. Those are all great picks and will make amazing Christmas presents.

  9. Sure the urban decay or benefit kit would be great for me too haha. Basics that always fit. I don't have any urban shadows yet but I am wondering wich one would be better for me, since I tried it.


  10. I can't believe we're already talking about Christmas!
    Time goes so fast!

    Laura | http://furiouslychic.blogspot.ch/

  11. Aww I hope you start feeling better soon :) First I was like I love the first palette, but the second one is gorgeous too, I can't choose! :) xx

    Velvet Blush

  12. I think I would be so happy to receive any of these sweet beauty goodies especially that Dior Holiday palette!

  13. WONDERFUL makeup sets!


  14. wow! These look so good, I want it all :D

    Pink Frenzy

  15. That huda beauty rose gold palette looks gorgeous!


  16. Hope you feel better soon. Nothing worse than back pain. It can be so crippling. Also hoping hubby and friends taking note here for you. I wouldn't mind the Dior set, if anyone's listening hehehe!


  17. I always love Korean products but reading this makes me crave for Dior-Holiday 2016 palette, omg <3 so lovely!



  18. Love the Too Faced and Burberry makeup sets. Hope u get well soon!

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