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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Beauty Blogs Jan/Feb

Hello my lovlies!  

It is so  great to be back and blogging again. Over the next few weeks I have some blogs coming up, addressing some of the most commonly asked beauty questions. 

How to conceal dark circles and under eye bags

Many of us have dark circles and under eye bags, I certainly have the jumbo Chanel handbag size ones. Since becoming a mother 5 years ago they have earned that prestigious label. I have come across a revolutionary product. Darlings this really does work, it knocks years of my face and I no longer resemble a drained and washed out zombie. I will do a step by step tutorial, and you can see the difference it really does make.

How to colour match foundation

This very important stage of your makeup is one of the most crucial parts of achieving a flawless and radiant look. There are a number of steps that have to be just right for the perfect colour match. I will give you a guide on how to acquire a foundation that suits your skin type and undertone. I am getting a in depth session with a senior Estee Lauder consultant. 

How to choose a red lipstick shade

I simply love red lipstick, it transforms how I feel instantly. It is such a confident, bright and alluring colour. My blog will have my personal favorite red lippys and a guide to choose the right shade for your tone.

If you have any questions that you would like me to blog about, please comment below or send an email.

Goodnight x


  1. Good blog, want to know more about the dark circles and how to hide.

  2. I will be doing a tutorial and a step by step guide on how to conceal your dark circles. It will be up in a weeks time X

  3. Welcome back to blogging Shanel :) I look forward to reading your posts :)


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