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Friday, 12 February 2016

Lush is Lush

Good Evening you beauties,

It is Friday yay! So earlier today I went to Lush in Windsor I wanted to purchase a hair mask that I keep hearing is incredible, it is called H'suan wen hua. What also drew me into getting this mask was that I could apply it to dry hair. I find it a bit annoying to wash hair apply mask and wash again. Made with free range eggs, bananas, avacado, bay leaf infusion and cinnamon leaf oil it claims to strengthen hair. I will let you know in a month if it worked for me.

What I love about Lush is the amazing scent that hits as one approaches the shop. In addition to that I love the staff members. They are always so attentive and really positive.

Today my sales assistant helped pick out 3 products that I am going to try before I buy.

Ayesha Face Mask - I told her I  have been looking for a mask that would brighten and tighten my skin. She suggested this one. I tried it today and seriously this is tdf! I could feel my skin tighten and it looks so radiant. I will be purchasing the full size in the very near future.

Super balm scalp treatment - My scalp has been super dry, so I really need a product that will nourish it. She took me over and I placed some on my hand, it is quite dense so I was a bit sceptical. She advised me to apply it on my scalp and then have a shower. I haven't tried it yet, will let you know once I do. 

Lush is a fab brand, love their morals and ethics. I feel delighted after a visit to Lush, the staff enhance the whole shopping experience by their tremendously positive attitude.

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