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Monday, 8 February 2016

Your lucky Chinese zodiac colours for 2016

Good Evening beautiful people,

A very Happy New Chinese year to you all. Below is a chart that will show which animal is your Chinese Zodiac. Your Chinese Zodiac sign is derived from your birth year, according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Once you have established your sign, scroll below to see your lucky colours for this year.

Lucky colours for your sign

Snake - yellow and black

Horse - yellow and green

Goat - red and purple

Monkey - gold and blue

Rooster - brown and yellow

Dog - green and purple

Pig - gray and brown

Rat - blue and green

Ox - yellow and green

Tiger - blue and grey

Rabbit - red and pink

Dragon - greyish white and silver

As I am a snake I will be including some yellow into my wardrobe, I am thinking shoes. I am a huge fan of black so have loads all ready hisssss.

Image result for yellow jimmy choo shoes
These are perfect! Both my lucky colours and one of my fav shoe designers.

I don't know if it will bring me any luck. However fingers crossed it does. What sign are you and how will you bring these lucky colours into your life?

Have a lucky Chinese new year, with a great reason to buy more clothes, shoes and make up! Happy Shopping x

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  1. I am born in the year of the dog. I will be buying a green and purple Paisley scarf. I hope it brings me some luck, need it.


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